my bag!

And I've finally finished the bags for the wedding (which is today)! I totally forgot to take photos of most of them, so I might take some today. But this is my bag, I love it! It's made of more gorgeous vintage Japanese silk which is hand painted (luxury!) - unfortunately because the silk is so old it's got some watermarks and discoloration which is very minor. It was originally going to be my mums bag, but we did a swapsie.

This photo doesn't really do it justice, as the silk is quite textured and so picks up the light beautifully and sort of glows. Love it!

the food

A bit late, but this is my post-Christmas wrap up on the food. Mmm yum.

This year I made chocolate truffles for everyone...

and Chris made shortbread. We packaged it up all nicely, with eat-by dates and all!

This is what we ate instead of the turkey and ham everyone else was eating - they're stuffed with breadcrumbs, onion, pistachios, cranberries and a big pile of butter. Mmmm.

And this is what my brother made for me! Cupcakes with chocolate ganache, and some with cream cheese frosting and sugary pinetrees!

another one!

This one belongs to my auntie.

It's gorgeous, made of red silk with a design weaved in, and lined with beautiful pink & red satin. Will take more photos tomorrow on my usual camera!

Anyway I'm all wedding, wedding, wedding at the moment, back soon with more!

luxury / monkey

Can you guess which is which?
I had this piece from when I did screenprinting for totes - something funny happened to this little guys feet so I thought... chop em off and make a clutch. Will add to my shop once I have finished the back!

This is for my cousins wedding.

2 sleeps to go!

good days

Some fun things from my day...

Listening to Belle & Sebastian whilst trying not to doze off in the sunshine.

Drawing lots of pretty pictures.

Weighing things on my new set of scales... that's 22 grams per coinpurse.

birthday birthday

December is always a little crazy for me. So far this month have been my little brothers birthday and my Mums b'day, then next week is Christmas then after that is my cousins wedding. So much!
This year I had lots of fun picking gifts for my Mum. Some of them are...

Gorgeous Aunty Cookie illustration which fits my mum down to the ground as she is, in fact, a fabric addict.

A custom made Dragonfly from NoneSuchGarden (I used her photo here too, thanks Megan). I couldn't have been more happy with how this turned out, so cute! It's a teeny tiny beautifully made dragonfly - so tiny it fits in your palm. I received this ages ago and couldn't wait to show it but my mum reads my blog (hi Mum!) and it would have given the game away, no?

And a gorgeous etching with watercolour by Theresa Mancini from Louey and Lane Art Gallery near me. Yay! I love to give nice gifts.


So. Much. Sewing.

friends & ladybirds

This is another of the designs on my big screen that was made for me.

Two little best friends forever, on a clutch. I love this one! I have quite a few little bits of fabric that I can't use as the pattern is too bold for the print, but I have now learnt what works. This one is 100% recycled materials too.

You can buy paper punches shaped like ladybirds. Who would have thought? Works quite well too.

Sorry have been a bit absent from blog lately, crazy Christmas time of year.

the tester

I always do a tester of my new patterns, just to be safe, you know. This is the tester of my new frame purse - it's a 20cm long frame, big enough for a mobile, coinpurse and some cards. I took it out last night, and it is lovely!

charaben & monkey

I mentioned this Face Food book with such pretty Bento (Charaben) ages ago... I've wanted to make one since I saw the book but sadly my version is a bit lacking (check the Face Food link and you'll know what I mean!)...

My version is a yummy quinoa stirfry with basil & pretty carrots, yum! Every once in a while I go through a healthy-living, vegan, whole foods (essentially macrobiotic with a bit of wheat & tomato chucked in) phase. Am in that phase now and am starting to feel so much better! I feel fresher and with more energy - today I had a latte though and felt so so buzzy after it...

Monkey! New gift tags.

team super-cute

Team Super-Cute to the rescue - up, up and away!

printing - a rabbit day

So much to show you...
I picked up my screen today from M.E.S., and couldn't wait to try it out! I've got a few different designs on the screen but just tried two out today - the Rabbit and the Frog.

I got Chris to help me as he's done quite a bit of screenprinting - I held the frame and he squeegeed and then we swapped. Was great! Some of the prints are a bit dodgy, but most have turned out fabulously.

I wanted to list one today - the Rabbit is now on Etsy, along with this illustration.

pretty pretty

I'm wearing these pretty earrings as we speak. They're made by Realisation Creations, they arrived in the mail today, and I love them!

They're made of vintage Japanese glass. Thankyou Natalia!

(The doily behind them is from my mega-super Op Shop trip from yesterday - more on this soon!)


This is my new shiny red bangle. I bought a bunch of things in an op shop in Rosebud and the lovely lady who served me gave me this as a Christmas gift.

I have been wanting to start a collection for awhile and I think this might be it! So far I have three plastic/resin bangles... have a way to go. I really like plastic bangles.

housekeeping vs. the dirt

I have just started vaguely reading this (Chris got a copy of Housekeeping vs. The Dirt for his birthday) and in an effort to be more Nick Hornby-like I thought I'd share what I've just finished reading.
I haven't read Alice in Wonderland for a little while, and really don't think I paid much attention to Through the Looking Glass when I first read it so it was good to read it again. I bought this abridged version on ebay as I can't find my nice copy - it's pictureless which is a bit sad, as in Alice there is much mention of the pictures. For example if you don't know what a Gryphon looks like, you're obliged to refer to the illustration.
I enjoyed Alice, but Through the Looking Glass is very odd, no?