printing - a rabbit day

So much to show you...
I picked up my screen today from M.E.S., and couldn't wait to try it out! I've got a few different designs on the screen but just tried two out today - the Rabbit and the Frog.

I got Chris to help me as he's done quite a bit of screenprinting - I held the frame and he squeegeed and then we swapped. Was great! Some of the prints are a bit dodgy, but most have turned out fabulously.

I wanted to list one today - the Rabbit is now on Etsy, along with this illustration.


Emma said...

Hey they look great! Yay for screenprinting - I haven't done any for ages!

edward and lilly said...

So cute, they would look great on t-shirts too.

Emerald Arts said...

How exciting, they look gorgeous ;)

I've been meaning to ask you, I'm opening an artspace soon as part of the Renew Newcastle project. It's going to be somewhere that I can hold classes and exhibit my paintings, as well as a studio. I'm not sure of the right way to ask, but I was wondering if you would like to send up some of your stuff for consignment.

I love the pencil case I won, I use it every day. I'd be beside myself if I could have some of your creations in my shop thing.