housekeeping vs. the dirt

I have just started vaguely reading this (Chris got a copy of Housekeeping vs. The Dirt for his birthday) and in an effort to be more Nick Hornby-like I thought I'd share what I've just finished reading.
I haven't read Alice in Wonderland for a little while, and really don't think I paid much attention to Through the Looking Glass when I first read it so it was good to read it again. I bought this abridged version on ebay as I can't find my nice copy - it's pictureless which is a bit sad, as in Alice there is much mention of the pictures. For example if you don't know what a Gryphon looks like, you're obliged to refer to the illustration.
I enjoyed Alice, but Through the Looking Glass is very odd, no?


Emma said...

I read Alice in Wonderland for the first time last year (or perhaps the year before?) and also Through the Looking Glass. Now you've mentioned you got an abridged copy, I'm worried the one I read was too! It was nicely illustrated, lots of pictures... But there was lots of text. Anyway!

edward and lilly said...

I know, Through the Looking Glass is insane, I always wondered who it was aimed for.

Emerald Arts said...

It's very odd, wonderful book though :)

I like Alice in Wonderland better with the pictures too, so much a part of it.