my bag!

And I've finally finished the bags for the wedding (which is today)! I totally forgot to take photos of most of them, so I might take some today. But this is my bag, I love it! It's made of more gorgeous vintage Japanese silk which is hand painted (luxury!) - unfortunately because the silk is so old it's got some watermarks and discoloration which is very minor. It was originally going to be my mums bag, but we did a swapsie.

This photo doesn't really do it justice, as the silk is quite textured and so picks up the light beautifully and sort of glows. Love it!


lyptis said...

Nice Bag! Sounds wonderful! doesnt matter for the minor scratches, vintage rules!:)

Chrisy said...

...oww...old handpainted silk...such luxury...all the rest of your outfits will just pale into insignificance with these beautiful handbags!

Emerald Arts said...

*drools* Japanese textiles are amazing, my Mum and Dad went over there to see Newcastle's sister city Ube years ago, they brought back the most gorgeous fabrics... Mum had them made into jackets and dresses, very cool.

I loved your post with the scales in it too, it's so interesting to see how artists put their things together, love seeing the process.


Natalia said...

That fabric is simply stunning Penny!