birthday birthday

December is always a little crazy for me. So far this month have been my little brothers birthday and my Mums b'day, then next week is Christmas then after that is my cousins wedding. So much!
This year I had lots of fun picking gifts for my Mum. Some of them are...

Gorgeous Aunty Cookie illustration which fits my mum down to the ground as she is, in fact, a fabric addict.

A custom made Dragonfly from NoneSuchGarden (I used her photo here too, thanks Megan). I couldn't have been more happy with how this turned out, so cute! It's a teeny tiny beautifully made dragonfly - so tiny it fits in your palm. I received this ages ago and couldn't wait to show it but my mum reads my blog (hi Mum!) and it would have given the game away, no?

And a gorgeous etching with watercolour by Theresa Mancini from Louey and Lane Art Gallery near me. Yay! I love to give nice gifts.


Emma said...

They are some lovely gifts, nice & handmade too!

Chrisy said...

You're Mum's a lucky girl!