salvaged corduroy

I have metres and metres of different coloured corduroy that my mum had in a wardrobe from about 20 years ago... this is the first step to using it all.
Hand Illustrated Rabbit Coinpurse at Etsy.

I think I'm going to have to make about 1000 of these to use up all the corduroy...

bits & pieces

Have been working a little bit on a wholesale order... more on this soon.
The fruits of my work, all ready to be sent off.

More packaging again, cute lovehearts stickytape! and cutouts for packaging. It's nice to send people nice packages that are fun to open (these are the kind I like to receive anyway!).

trevor at the prom

Photos from Wilson's Prom:
I always get a bit bored looking through a tonne of landscapes, no matter how beautiful, so I took Trevor to liven things up - I thought it might be funny. A photo of a mountain & Trevor.

A photo of a beach and Trevor.

A photo of a river/stream.

My story: I was drawing the parrots and then one jumped on my shoulder and then one landed on my head and then one drank from my tea. I told them 'sit still! Let me draw you!' but they wouldn't listen.

I wanted to find lots of animals to draw - primarily cute woodland creatures. There were no squirrels but there were a heap of deer! I really had no idea you would find deer at the Prom... unfortunately most of the animals really only came out at night, so apart from the overly friendly parrots and a few wombats it was all a bit difficult to be drawing by torchlight.

wilson's prom

I just got back home from spending a couple of days at Wilson's Prom and it was lovely! Proper update will come soon, but for now here's a wombat to keep you going. Now I must go though, as I'm off to get a massage!

rabbit day

Today's been a very rabbit day...
With some clutch making and some illustrating...
A big pile of coinpurses for some wholesale orders.
A break with Peter Rabbit, a cup of tea and a Timtam. And Benjamin Bunny, Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail, Mr McGregor and so on.

And finally a wind-up rabbit coinpurse, this is available on Dawanda.

Have had a nice weekend, went for lunch with some buddies yesterday, it's always so nice to have lunch with good good friends (especially if you haven't seen them for awhile). I also started watching Kiki's Delivery Service today which is a Studio Ghibli film - might finish it tonight, it's very good & quite hilarious!

Swing Tags

I haven't ever really been satisfied with my swing tags, so today I sat down and really spent some time making some. I used my supplies - a mini hole punch & some nice card - from Rock Paper Scissors (thanks Lara for the mini hole punch tip, my old hole punch was massive!) and set to it. I was looking at the Belle & Boo ones for inspiration and decided it would be okay to have a really tiny person on the tag.

The tags are a bit small to take a really decent picture of, you'll have to excuse the photo.

Oh and it's just started raining again, but this is nice we're-on-the-way-to-spring sunshower kind of rain.

this is my canvas

I enjoy doing little sketches on calico for purses, but I've also enrolled in an ink drawing class. It doesn't start until August, I wish it was sooner! It's mostly drawing using india ink with a brush and pens. I have never used india ink before and I hope I like it. Until them I am just going to content myself with pencil sketches.

Project Runway

Am just watching episode #1 of Project Runway Australia - it is good! Better than most Aussie versions of US shows.

I'm watching it on youtube as I don't have cable.

I can't believe they made them run... I wouldn't have done that!


I love violets. One of my favourite things about Winter is that violets start to grow in my garden... yum. They're very hard to find in flower shops and of course they don't smell anything like the violets you pick straight from your garden.


New flower purse:

Available at Madeit.

Painting day yesterday was good, I think. Nothing is finished but we had fun.

more frogs

I have been sketching a lot of these little guys lately - here's another frog bag.

Lady Clutch - available at Etsy.

Today's another cold cold day in Melbourne - tomorrow I'm having a painting day with one of my buddies so with a bit of luck I might have some interesting paintings to show. (If I don't mention it again it means the paintings didn't work...)


This is one of the things I was working on yesterday - return address sticker labels for packages. Excuse the smudging of the address, they aren't really smudged. Also have been working on some wholesale stuff, and just generally having a soup making, cookie baking kinda day. Was some confusion when I thought my camera wasn't working, but then I realised I was actually taking a video of some coinpurses.

owls & busy bees

Have been having one of those very productive but not doing the things I ought to be doing days (I think it's called procrastinating). Today I went to the market with my mum & dad which was nice as I haven't seen them very much at all lately, but then instead of coming home and me doing some sewing we ended up going on a bit of a trip to the other side of Melbourne (St Kilda to St Georges Rd in Fitzroy) to buy my mum some garden ornaments... it was like living with my parents again! I ended up making some fun labels and things that I will show tomorrow when I have taken some photos - I really did need new labels so it's all good.

This is some paper I bought on Thursday from Rock Paper Scissors - cute! It's one of those huge pieces of scrapbooking paper (why can't scrapbooks be A4 sized?) and I really love the colours and shapes in it - going on the inspiration wall! When you look at the image closely you can see that the owls are actually pictures of decorated wood & paper owls with button eyes - it works so well though.


Yesterday I went shopping with my cousin to look for paper for her wedding invitations - we went to Handworks & Dragon Papers on Chapel Street, and then to Rock Paper Scissors on High St in Armadale. It is amazing how many different papers there are... Rock Paper Scissors has so many gorgeous examples of invitations, it was hard for us not to feel slightly inadequate with our attempts. Will show pictures when they're done!

I like this little strawberries & cream look for this rabbit-child - the coinpurse is available at Dawanda.

This is my little pile of new Lara Cameron fabric... it looked so pretty sitting there I had to show it!

I'm having a very lazy, disorganised kind of day today, have been gunning it on the coinpurses the last hour or so though, so better get back to the grindstone!


Oh Spotlight... So as I said in my previous post I needed to go to Spotlight to get some solid, sturdy denim for my clutches. I happened to realise yesterday was 20% off day everything at Spotlight, and even though I knew it was a bad idea I went anyway.

I got some good stuff - 5 metres of denim (woo), a bunch of thread, some cute polka dot stuff from the remnants tub and some orange zips (these are hard to find). BUT!! From when I took a number to be served and from when I was actually served it took just over 30 mins. In this time I managed to convince myself to buy 3 packets of mini buttons, more orange zips, brown upholstery thread, some plaques to paint onto, ribbons and some bigger buttons. I just don't know if it was all worth 20% off...

On a happier note, when I got home my new bunch of Lara fabric was waiting. Cheered me up :)