Yesterday I went shopping with my cousin to look for paper for her wedding invitations - we went to Handworks & Dragon Papers on Chapel Street, and then to Rock Paper Scissors on High St in Armadale. It is amazing how many different papers there are... Rock Paper Scissors has so many gorgeous examples of invitations, it was hard for us not to feel slightly inadequate with our attempts. Will show pictures when they're done!

I like this little strawberries & cream look for this rabbit-child - the coinpurse is available at Dawanda.

This is my little pile of new Lara Cameron fabric... it looked so pretty sitting there I had to show it!

I'm having a very lazy, disorganised kind of day today, have been gunning it on the coinpurses the last hour or so though, so better get back to the grindstone!


Lara said...

Aww thanks for the mention!!

I've heard Rock Paper Scissors are good! And they stock some things that you can't seem to find anywhere else. Like mini hole punches :)

I usually go to Paperpoint in South Melb - they have a good range too.

emma said...

The little pouch is so cute!

Good luck with the invitations, I'm sure they will turn out great :)