trevor at the prom

Photos from Wilson's Prom:
I always get a bit bored looking through a tonne of landscapes, no matter how beautiful, so I took Trevor to liven things up - I thought it might be funny. A photo of a mountain & Trevor.

A photo of a beach and Trevor.

A photo of a river/stream.

My story: I was drawing the parrots and then one jumped on my shoulder and then one landed on my head and then one drank from my tea. I told them 'sit still! Let me draw you!' but they wouldn't listen.

I wanted to find lots of animals to draw - primarily cute woodland creatures. There were no squirrels but there were a heap of deer! I really had no idea you would find deer at the Prom... unfortunately most of the animals really only came out at night, so apart from the overly friendly parrots and a few wombats it was all a bit difficult to be drawing by torchlight.

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Shara said...

Wow! I also had no idea there were deer at the Prom... I have spent a lot of time there and never seen one... I'm looking forward to spotting one the next time I'm down there! Yay!