Swing Tags

I haven't ever really been satisfied with my swing tags, so today I sat down and really spent some time making some. I used my supplies - a mini hole punch & some nice card - from Rock Paper Scissors (thanks Lara for the mini hole punch tip, my old hole punch was massive!) and set to it. I was looking at the Belle & Boo ones for inspiration and decided it would be okay to have a really tiny person on the tag.

The tags are a bit small to take a really decent picture of, you'll have to excuse the photo.

Oh and it's just started raining again, but this is nice we're-on-the-way-to-spring sunshower kind of rain.


Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Hey, they look great!
Sara x

Laura B said...

I just found you through mushroommeddow's blog and wanted to say hi! I love your little canvas drawings, that little creature is soo cute! Your new tags look great, heres to lots of sales= lots of packages to tag!

Hollabee said...

they're very cute. great work

Half-an-Acre said...

cute tags - reminds me that I must get on and do some for my stuff. Cute blog too.