Oh Spotlight... So as I said in my previous post I needed to go to Spotlight to get some solid, sturdy denim for my clutches. I happened to realise yesterday was 20% off day everything at Spotlight, and even though I knew it was a bad idea I went anyway.

I got some good stuff - 5 metres of denim (woo), a bunch of thread, some cute polka dot stuff from the remnants tub and some orange zips (these are hard to find). BUT!! From when I took a number to be served and from when I was actually served it took just over 30 mins. In this time I managed to convince myself to buy 3 packets of mini buttons, more orange zips, brown upholstery thread, some plaques to paint onto, ribbons and some bigger buttons. I just don't know if it was all worth 20% off...

On a happier note, when I got home my new bunch of Lara fabric was waiting. Cheered me up :)

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Emma said...

Ah yes, Spotlight does make you wait if you want to get a bargain! Or actually... a lot of times when it's not necessarily a bargain as well :S