owls & busy bees

Have been having one of those very productive but not doing the things I ought to be doing days (I think it's called procrastinating). Today I went to the market with my mum & dad which was nice as I haven't seen them very much at all lately, but then instead of coming home and me doing some sewing we ended up going on a bit of a trip to the other side of Melbourne (St Kilda to St Georges Rd in Fitzroy) to buy my mum some garden ornaments... it was like living with my parents again! I ended up making some fun labels and things that I will show tomorrow when I have taken some photos - I really did need new labels so it's all good.

This is some paper I bought on Thursday from Rock Paper Scissors - cute! It's one of those huge pieces of scrapbooking paper (why can't scrapbooks be A4 sized?) and I really love the colours and shapes in it - going on the inspiration wall! When you look at the image closely you can see that the owls are actually pictures of decorated wood & paper owls with button eyes - it works so well though.

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