My first attempt at a plushie rabbit was a disaster - the arms & legs were far too fat so I couldn't sew it all together - I would show a picture but it's too sad. I took a tip from other plushies I've seen around and made the arms & legs skinnier (check out these Sleepy Sams from theblackapple - they are some of my favourites!)

This one's name is Trevor, and I made him last night when I was meant to be sewing (instead I was watching an odd movie with Jon Heder in it - Moving McAllister - to be avoided). I think for a second attempt he's pretty good - I wanted to make him in my current style of little sketches as a boy-rabbit, I think he's ended up looking more like a rabbit than a boy-rabbit but it's all good. My pattern needs a bit of tweaking and I think I'm going to have to make them bigger next time. Trevor's only a cute 25cm from top of his ears to his toes. This is a sweet size, however it made turning out the arms, legs & ears a nightmare (lovely boyfriend Chris did most of it).

I'm also not too sure about the ears and face, but I adore Trevor just as he is so it's all okay.


Nikki said...

Trevor is awfully cute! Thanks for dropping into my blog and for car-breakdown sympathy!

rebecca said...

trevor is very cute, i like his face. i had a plushie drama on the weekend, trying too hard to alter my pattern... hehe... it's sometimes harder than you first think it will be!!