3-sided market stall pics

Pictures from today's North Melbourne Market! Can I start by saying that if someone says to you 'would you like to share a table in the middle of a room?' that should be a signal that your stall will have 3 sides. And no space for you to stand.

Side 1: the boxes! and a couple of new art prints! Will be available at Mathilda's Market (14th March, Hawthorn) and online soon.

I didn't quite realise how tricky my stall would be to organise. I had to arrange everything so that people could walk around the whole table- my early plans of sitting next to the table were quickly thrown away and I just ended up standing next to the table with the customers, trying to look official (rather than behind it as I normally would).

Side 2: cards & gift tags (Happy Flower card is so cute framed!) There is a new card & gift tag design coming...

I met so many lovely people at the market today, including MissyMinzy (who does super lovely illustrations and is opening a shop soon I hope!), Celeste from Little Waltz, and lots of other people... I even stole a cookie from Shannon went she went for a quick break. Hooray!

Side 3: I don't have much Pocket Carnival signage, so I whipped up that little framed 8x10 last night, so colourful!

I was happy with my wooden box display, and will try to list all the new products online pronto!

Also, mailing list! I have a mailing list, where I send out news & sales information, if you'd like to be added please either use my contact form or email me: penny@pocketcarnival.com.au


tweet tweet: it's bird purses!

Bird purses are here! I really love this new fabric - I find the colours always pop a little bit more on organic cotton, which is an added bonus to using organic. The yellows especially are very vibrant. I find I'm adding my little birds to more & more things lately, I think they are cute!

I like how the pencilcases have turned out, I can see a little kid using this at school! I made one for myself, hopefully now I will stop leaving all my pencils & pens at the bottom of my bag. I'm getting pencil marks on everything lately.

I just like taking photos of them all piled up so I can see that I've made lots.

Available in the shop!

Also on Etsy and Madeit.

my creative space

I've got a couple of markets in the next few weeks - North Melbourne Market this Sunday, and Mathilda's Market on the 14th of March. I've never been completely satisfied with my stall display, so I'm builing a new one! It's mostly based on wooden boxes, like this (but more).

I got some wood cut to size at my local hardware store, the lovely Penhalluriack's (tip for next time - triple check the measurements!) When I moved out of my parents house, my dad bought me a massive bag o' nails. I had to rummage through to find the little ones - dirty hands!

My dad also likes to buy me power tools, I think this one's from Aldi.

And, we have a box! Still needs to be sanded. I want to give my customers things, but that should not include a splinter! I still have to make a couple more boxes and some other little bits and pieces.

I've also been working on some new art prints. I've decided to do away with a4 art prints and go for 8x10, I think it will be much easier for people to find frames for.

However, I am having some problems. Usually when I create things I am quite confident, and can decide on an idea and make it. However these art prints have been troubling me for awhile now - I can't decide what I want to do! I want to redo all my prints so they are 8x10, and get rid of a few less popular ones, and make some new ones, but it's just not coming together! So we'll see.

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wishlist: brooklyn

Two of my very good friends (hi Debbie! hi Helen!) have moved to Brooklyn - I wish I could go visit, and do a little shopping while I'm at it. Today my wishlist is all from Brooklyn!

Small Plush -Hello Yellow- Heart Necklace by jackiepeppermint

I recently saw Jaqueline Kari Bos's work featured on decor8 and loved it. Her illustrations are so colourful, simple & sweet, and she also makes gorgeous cushions and these little heart necklaces. Like many of the items I love, I think it's her photography that makes them look so appealing - can't you just imagine wearing all 4 at once? I can.

Let the Sun Shine In Earrings by locallibrary

I love these earrings. I'm a big fan of round earrings, for some reason a while back I decided round earrings were the best sort of earrings around. I love the organic feel of the wood, contrasted with the brass, they remind me of sort of a peep-hole or key-hole, like you could look through them into Narnia.

Chartreuse Scoop Neck Tank - Peace.Lilly by sealmaiden

Things to love about this tank - relaxed fit, 100% cotton, hand printed with a gorgeous print, lovely unusual colour, great price.
Things not to love - don't think there are any.

Now, who wants to buy me a plane ticket to Brooklyn?

north melbourne market this sunday!

Thread Den's newly renamed North Melbourne Market is this Sunday, 10am until 2pm! Hooray! We'll be there (upstairs somewhere) along with lots of other fab little businesses. Maybe see you there?

If you come along and find Pocket Carnival, please say hello!

North Melbourne Market
Sunday 28th Feb
10am - 2pm ($2 Entry)

at the Lithuanian Club
44 Errol St
North Melbourne

the return of mr. mouse-man

Mr. Mouse-man has been an elusive little fellow lately, but I can always depend on him to reappear whenever the little weed/vine outside my studio window is flowering. That's because he eats the flowers. Delicious!

Hello, Mr. Mouse-man! What have we here?

*Sniff, sniff*... why it's some odd lookin' flowers!

Don't mind if I do!

Can't talk, too busy eating. I like his bulging cheeks at this point.

Ah, Mr. Mouse-man, you brighten my day (and aid my procrastination) with your flower eating acrobatics. See you tomorrow!

jungle animals!

On Thursday when I posted about what I was creating, I got a lovely comment from Peta. All it said was 'Have a productive day, Penny!', and I thought alright, I will! So I did.

I made lots of jungle purses (they're now available in the shop).

Finished the goshdarn business cards, then made a banana & fig cake from a pile of slowly decomposing bananas that'd been overstaying their welcome in the fruit bowl.

So, thanks Peta!!

my creative space

Whenever I get a new fabric delivery there's the initial day of excitement (especially if it's one of my new designs) followed by 'argh, I have to cut & sew it all!' Today will be cutting out lots of fabric.

Linings waiting to be sewed - I kind of like them like this, I think they'd look pretty at a market stall with all their linings poking out. But, somewhat impractical. So, I shall sew them - stock for my shop, and for some upcoming markets.

Cutting business cards. One of the more boring things. But, necessary.

For more lovely crafty creative spaces, pop over here, to Kootoyoo!

wishlist: teal

I've had a little obsession with teal, turquoise & duck egg blue lately. I think it began when I made curtains for my studio - I made them out of simple cotton, so every afternoon when the sun beats through my window, I close the curtains and am bathed in teal-coloured light. And it's lovely. This week I wish for:

Wake up Charlie. Let's go to Candy Mountain.
Unicorn no.44 blue with dark teal details
by penguinandfish

These are gorgeous. What else do I need to say, really? If you click on the link and look at the other photos in penguindandfish's shop, you will see that even the legs of the unicorn are amazing. I think he could be my sewing machine friend.

Fox in the Snow art print by eekdesign
This picture is so beautiful. The text is a Slovak proverb, to me the painting reminds me of a sweet collision of several different fairy-tales all at once. I can see representations of many of my favourite stories, and the colours and actual illustration are so lovely.

The spirograph turns mandala bowl by Ninainvorm

I've loved Nina's designs for awhile now! They're so bright, fun & still so very beautiful. She has gorgeous photography, looking through her store and blog is looking at a design website or magazine. Beautiful.

So, there is my teal wishlist. Now, to find a wealthy person to buy them for me!

let's meet: Jessi from Mad Stitches!

When I started designing fabric to sell, I thought maybe some people would buy it, but I hadn't really got as far as thinking of what they'd make with it.

Jessi of Mad Stitches was lovely enough to send me some photos of dresses she made just as soon as she received my fabric, one of which is now mine, and will be a gift for my little niece! Jessi's clothes are beautiful & practical - she designed these little denim dresses so that they can grow with the child - you can gradually loosen the tie so that it becomes a top! Great idea.

Jessi kindly answered some questions for me - I hope you all enjoy her answers! You can find lots of lovely clothes for children in the Mad Stitches Madeit Store, and if you want your own lovely dress, please contact Jessi!
How did you start making children's clothes & sewing?

As a small child I use to sew with my Grandmother. We use to sew tiny scraps of fabric together and I would make "incy" clothes for all my little dolls. I was not very good at sewing, but loved every aspect of it, especially getting to play with Grandma's button jars!

It wasn't until years later that I revisited sewing again, in high school. It was unfortunate that I had the worst possible textiles teacher, who put me right off sewing for many, many years (envisage a teacher known to throw hammers across the room at students in fits of rage; dirty, dirty fingernails in home economics, touching the food you are about to eat; and smelly breath, breathing on you, while having your bust measured. Gives me shivers just thinking of her! Do you get the picture?).

At the age of 25, I became a Mum to little Zac. During my pregnancy I had been experimenting with different forms of art, when the idea of sewing came to mind. I didn't own a sewing machine, however, I thought to myself that if my next child was a girl, I would love to learn to sew pretty clothes for her to wear. My next child, born two years later, was another boy, Tom! After a few months of realising that I would not be sewing for a daughter, I lashed out and bought a new sewing machine. My first projects were children's skirts, that I gifted.

A few months later, one of my best friends Jules, of Julieanne Perara Photography fame, had started a small business called Ashton & Ivy, selling gorgeous children's clothing, and was invited at the last minute to be a stall holder at a local market, which was to be held in two days time. Jules asked me if I would be interested in selling with her, along with another friend Jade (mamamadethat). We all quickly got sewing, and made enough stock to fill one stall. The market night was a success!

Since then I have branched out on my own, had my little labels and swing tags made up, become a registered business, sold at many markets, opened my madeit store ( madeit.com.au/madstitches ) and have had so much fun ! I love it all, apart from the fact that our dining room table is now the "sewing table". Ask Zac!
Another of Jessi's gorgeous creations!
What's the best part about running your business?

As a primary school teacher, on family leave, I missed the interaction with different children. Selling my wares at markets gives me so much pleasure as I see children's faces light up when my items are purchased for them. I love making children smile. I particularly feel chuffed when I see gorgeous little girls prancing around in my headbands. They look so beautiful. I may not have my own daughter to dress, but I can now dress the little girls of Melbourne... if they allow me to?

Oh ...and ...I should add that making money from a hobby is so very special. Every time someone thinks that my items are worthy of their money, it makes me want to do a little happy dance!
This beautiful red onesie is available on Madeit!
What's the last thing you made yourself?

The last thing that I made for myself was one of my favorite skirts. It is a holly hobby printed skirt, made from vintage fabric, bought off etsy. I finished it off with vintage white lace trim. I have had so many compliments. It is such a simple skirt, but so very sweet and feminine too! To tell the truth, I think that it is the only thing that I have made for myself! 2010, is the year of "Me", so I have many projects listed for myself, all from the meetmeatmikes book. I will keep you posted!

Detail on the dress - I love the pocket!

Thank you so much for answering these questions Jessi, and I would love to see many little girls of Melbourne wearing your clothes!

Visit Jessi here:
Mad Stitches Blog
Mad Stitches Madeit Store.

fabric sneak peek

Look what my lovely Parcel Post man just delivered...

Hooray! Some will be for sale, some made into purses.

Edited to add - a lttle bit is now available to purchase in the Pocket Carnival shop! Hooray for good things.

new stockist: state of green! plus an interview

I'm excited to announce a new stockist for Pocket Carnival goodies: State of Green!

Jenny, who is amazingly awesome, collects eco-friendly goodies which adhere to eco-friendly criteria. The labels for sale on State of Green are amazing in that as well as leaving a lighter footprint on the earth, they are beautiful, as well as practical.

Jenny was lovely enough to conduct a little mini-interview with me which you can see on the State of Green blog - you'll also get a sneak peek at my newest fabric design (it's jungle-y!)

So, hop to it!

sneak peek

I wish the rain always looked like this. And I wish I could stop complaining about the weather - when it's hot I wish it would rain, when it rains it wish it was hot.

If the rain was colours I wouldn't mind. For awhile at least, I'm sure.

my creative space: from above

It's been hot this week, especially in my little studio which gets all the afternoon sun. So, I've been working on the kitchen table a lot.

I've been creating - a new fabric design - I think this one's going to be cute!

Gift tags, so many gift tags! (Get your gift tags here, in the shop, of course.)

And, just for fun, rice paper rolls. Delicious! (These are from last night... you can now see the recipe-ish here!)

I'm really enjoying the standing-on-a-chair-taking-photos-from-above method!

Want more?
Check out more crafty creative spaces here, at Kootoyoo!

wishlist: melbourne

I have not created a Wednesday Wishlist for awhile now! From now on each Wednesday I think I will choose a theme or a location to wish from. First (of course) is Melbourne. Enjoy these pretty items from Melbourne, and be sure to visit their stores!

Minature Vintage Gold Bunting by madeleinesargent

I can't decide which is best - the actual bunting or the beautiful photography! Either way, I can see this bunting keeping my cookbooks nice & cosy, or over my studio door. Gorgeous!

bearded bloke brooch - embroidered mans face with knitted beard by handmaderomance

These are so funny, no? All completely hand knitted and embroidered - I love the teensy little mouth-hole in the knitting. Very old man of the sea. I wonder if I can get these with a grey beard?

Florentyna Headband - pink by hummingbirdroad

I have a very exciting wedding coming up at the beach (no, not mine) and I've been looking for pretty but not too formal things. I think I've figured out the dress, but there are so many other things! Shoes, jewellery, purse, hair... these hair bands are so gorgeous & sweet, maybe one of them will help my beachy hair dilemma!

Happy Wednesday!

snippets of work and home

Mostly photos today - Chris and I were going to move to Sydney, so it was exciting for me to think of decorating a new house. But then we didn't move! So, in the spirit of new beginnings, I'm trying some new cleanliness & prettiness.

These are my new little display shelves - wooden boxes! I will use them for market stalls.

Packaging lots of cards (with musical entertainment).

Working on new fabric ideas - I'm not sure about the icecreams, but the wind-up bunny is a go-er!

Two new cards - available in my shop!

And last but not least, Chris bought me these pretty lights for my birthday! They're from My Poppet. Gorgeous!!

They're sitting next to my Paddington Bear plate, and the Shitty Kitten original.

lost in austen

Can't talk, reading Mansfield Park. That is all.

P.S. I added the gerbera for you guys's benefit, I thought the book cover might be a bit plain for you all to look at. I'm not sure if it's better with or without the flower.

P.P.S. Right after I took this photo I lost my page in the book. Ooops.