wishlist: brooklyn

Two of my very good friends (hi Debbie! hi Helen!) have moved to Brooklyn - I wish I could go visit, and do a little shopping while I'm at it. Today my wishlist is all from Brooklyn!

Small Plush -Hello Yellow- Heart Necklace by jackiepeppermint

I recently saw Jaqueline Kari Bos's work featured on decor8 and loved it. Her illustrations are so colourful, simple & sweet, and she also makes gorgeous cushions and these little heart necklaces. Like many of the items I love, I think it's her photography that makes them look so appealing - can't you just imagine wearing all 4 at once? I can.

Let the Sun Shine In Earrings by locallibrary

I love these earrings. I'm a big fan of round earrings, for some reason a while back I decided round earrings were the best sort of earrings around. I love the organic feel of the wood, contrasted with the brass, they remind me of sort of a peep-hole or key-hole, like you could look through them into Narnia.

Chartreuse Scoop Neck Tank - Peace.Lilly by sealmaiden

Things to love about this tank - relaxed fit, 100% cotton, hand printed with a gorgeous print, lovely unusual colour, great price.
Things not to love - don't think there are any.

Now, who wants to buy me a plane ticket to Brooklyn?


planettreasures said...

Lovely picks!
I'll only buy you a ticket to Brooklyn if I can come too : )

Polka Dot Rabbit said...

I spent some time in Brooklyn when I was in New York last year. You've just reminded me to write up a post about it, thank you :)

vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Cute tank/shirt! Surely there's room in your suitcase for me?

missy_minzy said...

Hehe..cheeky Penny ;)

helena / little mo said...

ooohh i think the earrings matches the tank top perfectly!

i think brooklyn is only cooler if i come with you too.

Jessi said...

oh i love that tee penny! Good choices... i suggest taking the splurge ;)


Jessi said...

oh i love that tee penny! Good choices... i suggest taking the splurge ;)


PeoniesPlease said...

I've decided to make a more unique birthday wishlist this year (my family has me make on myregistry.com every year!) and find things from boutiques instead of big chain stores. This post has given me a lot of good ideas! Thanks for the inspiration:)

AnastasiaC said...

oh Brooklyn is a FAB place!! they will love it...great experience!

Helen said...

Hi Penny!
So did you score a plane ticket? :)
Would LOVE a visit!! x