tweet tweet: it's bird purses!

Bird purses are here! I really love this new fabric - I find the colours always pop a little bit more on organic cotton, which is an added bonus to using organic. The yellows especially are very vibrant. I find I'm adding my little birds to more & more things lately, I think they are cute!

I like how the pencilcases have turned out, I can see a little kid using this at school! I made one for myself, hopefully now I will stop leaving all my pencils & pens at the bottom of my bag. I'm getting pencil marks on everything lately.

I just like taking photos of them all piled up so I can see that I've made lots.

Available in the shop!

Also on Etsy and Madeit.


vanilla pixie (Carley) said...

Just gorgeous Penny! Reminds me of spring-time.
Oooh, imagine birdie purses for every season!

Jessi said...

just gorgeous!!! Love that fabric, hope you choose that one for me! :)


DELiciousDesignz said...

Sweet little Tweets Penny. Well done

Blossomnbird said...

OOh your little bird cases are cute!
Love the colours...

LINDSAY said...

They are very sweet! I love the simple illustrations.