packagey goodness + mr. mouse-man

Hurrah! The sale has been & gone, and with it a raft of packages. Thankyou thankyou! I feel so happy at how many little things I get to send to nice people. This is my tote, all ready for a trip to the post office!

I found some little 4 x 8 inch picture frames in an op shop a while ago, and I thought I might make some prints up! The prints were so sweet I decided to send a few out in some of the packages for some extra Christmas in July cheer!

I'll be adding some of these to my shop soon, and definitely taking some to Rose Street Market (starts this Sunday!)

Aaand... Mr. Mouse-man! Mr. Mouse-man is a sweet little mouse who very likely lives in the house of the lady living next door to us - I do feel a bit sorry for her having a mouse scurrying around, but he's so sweet! So sometimes I leave walnuts and sultanas on the fence for him.

Today he found the little (rather large) pile of goodies I left! He carried some walnuts back and forth, ate the last one on the fence, disappeared for a little while and then came back and had a good sniff around just to make sure he hadn't left anything behind. He's a good little mouse. We're hoping to find a soulmate for him, so if you know of any...

SALE + everyday

Hurrah! Very good news! Pocket Carnival is having a sale! Oh! The sale's now finished. Thanks!!

From now until 26th July Pocket Carnival's Etsy shop is on sale... and because I like people who read my blog, all blog readers get 20% off storewide!

Just put the code IREADYOURBLOG in notes to seller when you purchase an item and I will either send you an adjusted invoice or refund your 20% if you pay!

PLUS! DUST, the Aussie Etsy Team, is having a massive Christmas in July sale this weekend! Visit this page to see the other participants, and click on their shops to see the sales they have on!

Alphabet soup. Tasted so good. I was going to write POCKET CARNIVAL but it took me long enough to find the letters for my name.

Postcard from New York! From my friend Debbie who is studying acting there... so awesome!

Drawing more calico bits, with jellybeans for company.

lemons, market bags & zines

Every time we go to Chris's parents house we come home with a big bag of lemons. I love lemons, I put them in almost everything I cook, and their lemon tree is amazing! It has the sweetest, juiciest lemons, so soft you can squeeze them in your hands. This is our current lemon collection... (it won't last long!)

And this is the newest Bunny Market Bag, finally listed on Etsy! Organic cotton, Fairtrade bag, printed by Chris & I. I've been using one of these bags for a month or so now and I love it! It's small enough to scrunch into another bag when not in use, but it's really strong so you can use it as an every day bag too.

And I forgot to mention, but the zine has landed! Available on Etsy, or, slightly cheaper in $AU, on Madeit.

wishlist wednesday: christmas in july

Starting this Friday, July 24th, the Aussie Etsy Team (aka DUST) which I am a member of, is having a super fun sale! There will be discounts & giveaways, so watch out.

Here are some of my wishlist...

Little Mo & Friends Winter Paper Doll set - by gorgeous Helena. I already have the Spring set, but there's a set for each season! Check them all out on Etsy.

These next two kind of match. I love tea, and giving gifts, and often give tea as a gift, so these gorgeous gift tags from Koot (a.k.a. lovely MichVanetta) are so perfect!! They are High Tea, Chocolate Cookies and more Tags - on Etsy.

And I can just imagine inviting Joan over for a tea party! This is one of Sam's newest prints - I love Joan's gorgeous floral adornment. Beautiful colour! Check out more from Sam at MatouEnPeluche, on Etsy.

And remember to stop by from Friday through Sunday for the sale! You can search dustteam on Etsy to see more goodies from lovely people in the Aussie team.

itty bitty chair

Today I went op shopping for goodies for my market stall...

I found the cutest little chair in a second hand store near my house for only $10! It's a little hard to get an idea of the small-ness, but the prints in the letter rack are a5 size (6 x 8 inches) and the top of the chair only comes up to my knees. Cute!

I'm going to paint it white or red, not sure which one yet, and hang my tote bags off it.

lovely new

Today's been a pretty lovely day. Not only was it a sunny 19°C today (hooray for warm weather, finally!) but I also got to spend the morning chatting in a cafe with Fran & Shannon!

And then, when I arrived home after a nice walk in the sunshine from the cafe, this lovely Banana Bread that Chris had just made was waiting for me! Hooray!

Then I got to spend the afternoon fiddling around editing some new prints (not quite so fun). These are the three newest, there is Rabbit & the Duck (inspired by lovely Shannon's shop of the same name), Bear & the Toadstools, and, my favourite, The Landing.

All available in my Etsy shop in $US, or my Madeit shop in $AU.

And, this is my new packaging for the art prints. The prints are all signed & dated on the back. Then, they're popped into a biodegradable cellophane sleeve. Into the sleeve also goes a piece of acid free brown card so the print can't bend or get damaged - this card is made of 100% post consumer recycled paper, so it's nice & eco-friendly. The card has a little sticker on the back with the name of the print and my details! Too cute.

rose street market!

I'm pretty happy to announce that as of August, Rose Street Artists Market will be open on Sundays (as well as their usual Saturdays) and I will be one of the stall holders!

I've been making lots of goodies to take along, I will have tote bags, clutches, coinpurses, pencil cases, plus art prints and *hopefully* some original artworks, and maybe a few other things.

So, if you're wandering Fitzroy on a Sunday from 2nd August onwards, come and say hi!

Rose Street Artists Market
60 Rose Street
11am - 5pm Saturdays & Sundays
Every weekend

(Rose Street is the street that the Vegie Bar is next to - yummy landmark!)

the zines are coming!

Just printed!

Gorgeous cover artwork by Sam.

Zine artwork by:
& me!

Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you.

Edited - and the zine is available now! On Etsy.

more in progress

Just some more things in progress, it's been too dark & cloudy today to take photos of the things I wanted to take photos of, so here's some other things I'm working on.

Little bear. I think nerdy types with flowers are the best type of people, so hopefully this turns out to be the best type of drawing.

Big piles of sewing on my newly cleaned sewing table. I just picked up my old pinboard from my parents house, behind my sewing machine you can see pinned onto it my to-do list and a gorgeous postcard from Helena (see more of Helena's goodies at Little Mo on Etsy).

And, my latest delivery of lovely organic cotton Fair Trade tote bags from RiseUp. Hurrah! Have now restocked all my tote bags in my Etsy shop, and will be printing these up tomorrow.


New zips, in colours! No more navy, brown & black for me!

And just dropped off some bits & pieces of goodness to the gorgeous Little Shop Of Handmade in Carnegie, in Melbourne, which opens next week! I'm very excited to have some lovely shops opening South-side - so more on this soon, closer to it opening!

action stations

It's all go-go-go here at Pocket Carnival HQ!

My New (Financial) Year resolutions are going swimmingly, so much is getting done! Hooray! I feel like a new person! New Penny.

22 new coinpurses! Hooray! And yet another half-finished cup of tea, they go cold so quickly.

These two coinpurses made it in to my Etsy shop - Lost in the Forest is here (this is the CAKE purse) and Dripping of Rain is here.

And finally, two new works in progress! I am really happy with these, I just need to scan them in and colour them, then they will be ready for printing.

Now I am off to make some clutches, I haven't done any illustrated ones for aaages, but a new stockist (coming soon!) requested some and I'm on a roll with them now!

Happy Wednesday everybody!


I ran out of colourful zips.

So, I have been doing a lot of sewing lately of things that need only zips in less cheery colours, like navy, black & grey.

I like that the house at the top of that fabric says CAKE.

macrobiotic art

Bean Bunny - Mung beans & Seaweed on Kitchen Bench.


banana art

Bulb Man - Ink on Banana.