more in progress

Just some more things in progress, it's been too dark & cloudy today to take photos of the things I wanted to take photos of, so here's some other things I'm working on.

Little bear. I think nerdy types with flowers are the best type of people, so hopefully this turns out to be the best type of drawing.

Big piles of sewing on my newly cleaned sewing table. I just picked up my old pinboard from my parents house, behind my sewing machine you can see pinned onto it my to-do list and a gorgeous postcard from Helena (see more of Helena's goodies at Little Mo on Etsy).

And, my latest delivery of lovely organic cotton Fair Trade tote bags from RiseUp. Hurrah! Have now restocked all my tote bags in my Etsy shop, and will be printing these up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice totes and prints! Glad I stumbled upon your blog today.

Gaby and Jane said...

Looking good Penny! I know what you about those half finished cups of tea :)

Gaby xoxo

AnastasiaC said...

your line drawings are adorable! happy look so organised!

Sam said...

Penny - you are a total inspiration with your industriousness and creative soul! That bear is going to be a real heart breaker!

helena said...

awwww the bear has got a posie!! he needs a she-bear too. my goshhhhhh that's alot of tote bags, you're going to be so busy screenprinting them!!