lemons, market bags & zines

Every time we go to Chris's parents house we come home with a big bag of lemons. I love lemons, I put them in almost everything I cook, and their lemon tree is amazing! It has the sweetest, juiciest lemons, so soft you can squeeze them in your hands. This is our current lemon collection... (it won't last long!)

And this is the newest Bunny Market Bag, finally listed on Etsy! Organic cotton, Fairtrade bag, printed by Chris & I. I've been using one of these bags for a month or so now and I love it! It's small enough to scrunch into another bag when not in use, but it's really strong so you can use it as an every day bag too.

And I forgot to mention, but the zine has landed! Available on Etsy, or, slightly cheaper in $AU, on Madeit.


Vickie said...

wish we had someone to visit to get lemons like that :(

the market bag looks awesome

nevin said...

So sweet..

helena / little mo said...

hahahah bunny says eat carrots!

sweet ass!! hehe! lemons are good, good for cleaning too in the kitchen!

Sam said...

Gosh those lemons look so good - especially next to your fresh calico bunny market bag. Wow! You've been going gang busters Penny - more power to you! :)