wishlist wednesday: christmas in july

Starting this Friday, July 24th, the Aussie Etsy Team (aka DUST) which I am a member of, is having a super fun sale! There will be discounts & giveaways, so watch out.

Here are some of my wishlist...

Little Mo & Friends Winter Paper Doll set - by gorgeous Helena. I already have the Spring set, but there's a set for each season! Check them all out on Etsy.

These next two kind of match. I love tea, and giving gifts, and often give tea as a gift, so these gorgeous gift tags from Koot (a.k.a. lovely MichVanetta) are so perfect!! They are High Tea, Chocolate Cookies and more Tags - on Etsy.

And I can just imagine inviting Joan over for a tea party! This is one of Sam's newest prints - I love Joan's gorgeous floral adornment. Beautiful colour! Check out more from Sam at MatouEnPeluche, on Etsy.

And remember to stop by from Friday through Sunday for the sale! You can search dustteam on Etsy to see more goodies from lovely people in the Aussie team.


Sam said...

Oooh! Penny!! Thank you and blushes all round!!! Can't wait to get my grubby little paws on the zine - I'm going to do an epic post about it and the sweeties involved!!

Owl and Fox said...

I've given you the "Blog Lovin' Award"! :)


Georgie Love said...

Ok, no thanks... Don't need new things to spend money on. How sweet are those paper dolls!