new & cute

Just experimenting with photography today...

Ginkgo in Plum - gorgeous new clutch, I love this one! I think the ginkgo goes perfectly with the houndstooth vintage wool. Available on Etsy (sadly the Babushka dolls don't come with it).

And Trevor is from awhile ago - the bear purse is also available on Etsy.

I'm not sure if this new photo style will last, but it's fun for now!

good days

Exciting things today! Pocket Carnival featured in The Age newspaper, in the Saturday A2 section. Hurrah! They published a little mini interview with me:

And a little picture of my Bunnykin Coinpurse, available in my shop on - thanks The Age!

I also happened to go to a great little op shop near my house (after brunching on fruit toast and peppermint tea with Chris) and got this fabulous mini teacup. I'm a naughty painter and will just as likely use a cup of tea to clean my ink nibs as a jar of water, hence our teacups are sometimes a bit inky. But not anymore! This is my designated water cup from now on. And a new illustration!


Hooray for big sales!

As you can see, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop - - until May 26th. Exciting!

I've got 10% off storewide, and have further discount codes available on Twitter, and a special code for all you lovely blog readers:

20% off Original Art & Art Prints

This discount code ends 26th May at Midnight Etsy time. Simply purchase the item, enter the discount code BLOGLOVE in notes to seller, and I will send you a revised Paypal invoice.


work in progress: love/hate

A few Aussie Illustrators are working on a zine with the theme of Love / Hate - 1 illustration of each.
Mine are so very close to being finished, they just need a bit of tweaking - I think Love needs to be love-er and Hate needs to be grumpier. Yes that's a cupid in the top corner of Love.

Some of the others have finished theirs (mine's a bit late). You san see Sam's here, Emma's here and Helena's here.

Edited - aaand the zine is now available! Here on Etsy.

Wishlist Wednesday

New list of pretty things I want...

Sad Puppet Art Print, by Courtney Kim and her Naughty Lips at Gongze on Etsy.

Nonesuch Tartin and Harriet the Tortoise and Hare by NoneSuch Garden on Etsy.

Carefree Bubbles by TabiDesigns on Etsy (another in my love of bespectacled people and things).

The George and Svetlana Show

My friend Debbie is in her very own two person Cabaret! She is the George of George and Svetlana.
The show is based on the Commedia Dell'Arte which is a form of improvisational Cabaret/Theatre that began in Italy hundreds of years ago - so much fun to watch! I love going to theatre, but there's always a chance it's going to be something crazy and overly hysterical with fake blood and gimps, such as something I saw last week.

The George and Svetlana Show is just a fun, funny, lighthearted thing. Perfect for Winter!

The Butterfly Club
204 Bank Street, South Melbourne

Thursday - Sunday, May 21st - 31st
Thursdays - Saturdays 7pm, Sundays 6pm

Tickets: $22 / $17
Bookings: (click on What's On)

bits & pieces

Just some little things from the last few days...

I made this clutch for my Aunt, with some more embroidery that my grandma did. My grandma thinks it's pretty funny I'm making it into things! The one I made for my cousin last year is here!

Did you know, if you buy 100x 55c stamps it comes in a box? Cute!

Super Powers Bunny Coinpurse - I believe this guy has x-ray glasses and can shoot lightning out of his fingers. Or else he thinks he's Harry Potter. Available on Madeit.

My new vegie box from The Green Line. They are very lovely and obliging and didn't use any plastic bags at all this time. I am a happy chappie.

And a new clutch. I've had Best Friends Forever in pink in my shop for a little while, now I've added a powder blue one to keep it company. Available on Etsy.

Hope you're all having a nice Tuesday, soon-to-be-Wednesday!

Able & Game: for happy days!

I love Able & Game. Comprising lovely, amazing and super talented Anna of Anna Laura, and Gareth, these guys rock my socks.

Birthday Card - Fight for your right to birthday party I got this stellar birthday card for my dad, who actually does know who the Beastie Boys are. Cool, huh! My mum was having a chuckle to herself at this card on Saturday night, and I was having a secret chuckle to myself because I got her this...

Mother's Day Card - Tuna Casserole - this is perfect as my mum used to make Tuna Casserole once a week or once a fortnight - nice. I don't eat it anymore because I'm vego, but it is actually one of the meat-y foods I miss. She even used to put scrunched up potato chips on the top. So good.

Thanks Mum!

All these images are copyright Able & Game. Thanks!


Busy weekend!

Today is my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad! - so we're going for dinner tonight to one of my favourite restaurants for Vietnamese food. He's one of those difficult people to buy for, so usually I end up buying a bottle of gin, which I am sure he appreciates very much. If someone gave me a lovely bottle of Bombay Sapphire I'd be pretty happy!

And then tomorrow, of course, is Mothers Day, for which I am very unprepared. I have made a big pot of soup to eat tomorrow at my parents house, so that is a good step in the right direction I think. Must get cracking!

These are sweet little bobby pins I made for my cousin - I had SO much yellow satin leftover from her bridesmaid dresses (I didn't make them but I got the leftover fabric!). So last night I got busy and made these, it's extra lovely as the beads in the middle are from our Grandma's old necklace that started to fall apart. (If you can guess what the book is I'll be pretty impressed!)

I won't be making these little cuties to sell, but if you want something a little similar, check out lovely Natalia's shop, Realisation Creations.

photo day

Today Chris took some long overdue 'at work' photos of me for use for promo type stuff.

This one is very lovely, it's a bit fuzzy so it didn't quite make the cut, but I love the flowers in the front (and the fact that you can't see me very well!)

I always enjoy seeing photos of other artists and designers on their websites and blogs, it really adds a personal connection that is often missing online. As much as I dislike having my photo taken, I think Chris came out with some pretty nice shots. Thanks Chris!

Little Snippets

Snippets of my day.

All I Ever Wanted - a new watercolour & ink illustration, just listed in my Etsy shop. Nice.

Super sweet heart printed cotton, yes? Being sewn at the moment, a rabbit version available in my Etsy shop.

The view from my sewing machine (a little finger puppet I made!)

I've been a little AWOL from my blog lately, trying to avoid time sucking internet shenanigans, but am back with a vengeance now!