photo day

Today Chris took some long overdue 'at work' photos of me for use for promo type stuff.

This one is very lovely, it's a bit fuzzy so it didn't quite make the cut, but I love the flowers in the front (and the fact that you can't see me very well!)

I always enjoy seeing photos of other artists and designers on their websites and blogs, it really adds a personal connection that is often missing online. As much as I dislike having my photo taken, I think Chris came out with some pretty nice shots. Thanks Chris!


helena said...

Hello sweetie! The flowers are cool but i can't see what are you doing!!!

Natalia said...

Lovely Ms. Pocket! :)

lyptis said...

Nice picture of u, but i cant see u properly!
Are u shy?:)

Sam said...

Oh Penny! Joy! Look at you, you sweet creative thing there intently working away at something pretty!!! :)