Busy weekend!

Today is my dad's birthday - Happy Birthday Dad! - so we're going for dinner tonight to one of my favourite restaurants for Vietnamese food. He's one of those difficult people to buy for, so usually I end up buying a bottle of gin, which I am sure he appreciates very much. If someone gave me a lovely bottle of Bombay Sapphire I'd be pretty happy!

And then tomorrow, of course, is Mothers Day, for which I am very unprepared. I have made a big pot of soup to eat tomorrow at my parents house, so that is a good step in the right direction I think. Must get cracking!

These are sweet little bobby pins I made for my cousin - I had SO much yellow satin leftover from her bridesmaid dresses (I didn't make them but I got the leftover fabric!). So last night I got busy and made these, it's extra lovely as the beads in the middle are from our Grandma's old necklace that started to fall apart. (If you can guess what the book is I'll be pretty impressed!)

I won't be making these little cuties to sell, but if you want something a little similar, check out lovely Natalia's shop, Realisation Creations.


Pippi Langstrumpf said...

They're gorgeous clips Penny.
I'd be very happy with a bottle of gin too ;o)

Buttons by Lou Lou said...

I agree totally with comment above about hair pins and gin. When I saw the first few words of this post and the photo I was intrigued - didn't think many dads would be into hair pins :)

Penelope said...

Ooh those pins are very lovely indeed. :)
(Jane Eyre, Jane Eyre)!

Angelique said...

Yes, it is Jane Eyre! The morning after she and Mr. Rochester admit they love each other.

(Can you tell I've read this book way too many times?)

I love those hair pins, the colors are beautiful!

happy weekend :)

lyptis said...

Pretty hair pins! And well done on the soup!
What kinda soup was it? Im always hungry!:)

design for mankind said...

awww i love these!

Penny said...

Oh wow at Angelique and Penelope, I can't believe you both knew the book! You guys must really have read Jane Eyre a few times, hey?

(Although, I admit, if it was Pride & Prejudice I would have known!)

And Fran - it was tomato soup, with lots of special things like sundried tomatoes, lentils, sweet potato... yum!