Alice & Johnny

I was excited to read this on The Age website...

Superstar actor Johnny Depp has signed on to three new Disney projects, including the fourth instalment of the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the entertainment industry newspaper Variety confirmed today.

Along with the reprisal of off-beat pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp will star as the long-suffering Native American sidekick Tonto in a new version of the iconic Lone Ranger, produced by hit producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

If this wasn't enough for the 45-year-old actor, Depp will also play the Mad Hatter in director Tim Burton's adaptation of the classic Alice in Wonderland.

Whilst I'm not too excited about the fourth Pirates movie (I loved the first but the second was quite odd and the third even worse) and am really not up on the Lone Ranger, I am positively pumped to about the new Alice in Wonderland movie. I know some people weren't so into Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but I love the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton combo. Huzzah!

Read more about it and the wonderful cast here... Helena Bonham Carter, Matt Lucas... how will I wait until 2010?


Had a great night last night - went out for dinner with some buddies and then we went to see Alarm! at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. Alarm! was great, it's based on Commedia dell'Arte (the masked Italian theatre) and it was funny, a little bit like a pantomime, very silly and just a very good show!

I've been a bit slow uploading things the past couple of weeks, but two new badges on Etsy... Enjoy your weekends!


Today's just been one of those humming along, everything's fabulous days. I went on a special mission to Hunter Gatherer on Brunswick Street today to organise some things so I can start stocking some Pocket Carnival cuteness there, hooray! And then I had brunch with Chris (the boyfriend) at Soulfood Cafe on Smith Street - I had a tempeh burger with fries which was just fabulous as I hadn't had any breakfast and it was getting toward 12:00.

When I arrived home (after running for the train and making it, yippee!) the only mail waiting for me was my copy of Peppermint and a flier for a new exhibit at an art gallery near my house. So much more satisfying than yesterdays mail which was a bill and a letter from the real estate agents saying we are having a house inspection tomorrow.

For the last little while I have been out in the sun doing some gardening, and am so pleased that it's warm and sunny.

Newly available in my etsy shop - two more patchwork pouches. Hooray for fabulous days! Now to work with some sewing for Hunter Gatherer.

G Magazine

Thanks to lovely Rebecca from G Magazine, my patchwork coinpurses were featured in this months issue! G Magazine features information on environmentally friendly everything - from gardening to seasonal food, holiday destinations & fashion.

For those of you who've found me through the article and want to see my purses, take a wander over to and check the Coinpurses: Patchwork section (I've got a little pile of these babies waiting to be photographed and listed on Thursday). You'll even find the purse featured above in my store.
This month G Magazine came with a handy little booklet attached of businesses that provide green/eco friendly services. I've already been busy perusing the businesses in the office/mailing supplies section, as well as a couple of organic fabric suppliers.

creativity needed

My mum & I went fabric shopping a weekend or two ago and found this piece of lovely fabric (in the same remnant pile as the trees fabric from the last post).

My mum has a fabric stash large enough to make about 100 quilts so I said I'd take it and make her something with it... still pondering what though! It's about 25cm / 10 inches across... I think a cushion is jumping to mind right now. Maybe I will keep thinking.

In other news there is currently thunder loud enough that it set a car alarm off in the next street! You know when it does a huge BOOM and you can feel it shaking the windows. Yeah. I'm pleased that at least it's warm enough that during a storm that I can leave the window open and not be cold. Hopefully someone turns the car alarm off soon though...

tulips and the giraffe

I have a huge pile of this tulip/flowerbud fabric that my mum found at the back of a cupboard when she was cleaning... sometimes I think it's too floral but I like it this way. I think this is my favourite thing I've made with it.

This giraffe is available at my Dawanda shop. Have just been humming along with some wholesale stuff today, it's good to be busy! Am about to embark on a lasagne making adventure, yum.

trees & ducks

In keeping with the sunny, warm weather, I've listed these two little purses on Etsy...

A hand illustrated duck purse, I like this one as it's made of recycled corduroy & lined with recycled cotton so it's a little better for us. Also an autumny trees coinpurse (maybe one for those in the Northern Hemisphere?). Again this is made of a scrap of fabric I found in a remnant basket... I always try and use something recycled in everything I make but I've decided to try really, really hard to stop buying as much new fabric.

These little guys are something I'm working on for a wholesale order, will keep you posted!

new stockist: Little Bird

I'm pleased that Pocket Carnival is now stocked in South Australia - at Little Bird which is a new shop that's just opened in the past couple of days. I secretly mentioned this a little while ago - Little Bird stocks my clutches & coinpurses.

I'm jealous of those of you who live in South Australia, as Kate the lovely owner has some amazing things in the shop including Ovame skincare, Pippijoe fabrics, Kara Smith bags & Hollabee fabrics.

So if you're in the area...

Little Bird at Elliot
Shop 1/31 North Terrace
Port Elliot, South Australia


It's warm! It's warm, it's warm, it's finally warm! 25.5 degrees. Amazing!

The only problem is that when it's warm I feel like having a siesta in the afternoon... bad for productivity.

Hope you're having a nice weekend (and all you Melbourners are enjoying the sun!)

something new

I really liked the way all the little calico squares looked for the badges, like tiny little cameo illustrations. I thought they might work on purses and I'm pleased with how they turned out.
These ones are available in my madeit store:

Thanks to:
Frankie magazine for publishing a little article about Pocket Carnival on their website (cheers Frankie!). You can see it here.
My immune system, for finally making me better.

No thanks to:
Me, for my terrible, awful, astonishingly bad record keeping throughout the last financial year, and now I am trying to do my tax and it's bad. Really bad.
My computer, for going so so slowly the last couple of days and possibly needing to be replaced (please no).
The flu.

last drawing class

I had the my last drawing class on Thurs - I wasn't sure if I was going to go as I'm still not feeling quite 100% and I hadn't drawn anything, so on Thurs morning I sat down and did this little fox (version 2). I wanted it to have a bit more depth so I did some shading - the ink goes on brown if you use it thickly like with a pen, but is a lovely red when it's mixed with water.

Then at the class I tried some more colours...

I used black ink to draw the fox & the rabbit, then a bit of brown ink & blue watercolour to add depth for the shading (and some nice blue stripes on the rabbit). I'm pleased with how it turned out but sad the class is over!


phew... finally i'm starting to feel better! i'm a very bad sick person, i have been SO bored these past few days, i have watched an extraordinary amount of terrible tv and dvds and worked my way through a bit of a stack of books and magazines. and drank about 3 litres of orange juice by myself.

my head's still a bit woozy, but here's a photo of some potatoes i picked from my garden!

and another badge
hope you're all well!