something new

I really liked the way all the little calico squares looked for the badges, like tiny little cameo illustrations. I thought they might work on purses and I'm pleased with how they turned out.
These ones are available in my madeit store:

Thanks to:
Frankie magazine for publishing a little article about Pocket Carnival on their website (cheers Frankie!). You can see it here.
My immune system, for finally making me better.

No thanks to:
Me, for my terrible, awful, astonishingly bad record keeping throughout the last financial year, and now I am trying to do my tax and it's bad. Really bad.
My computer, for going so so slowly the last couple of days and possibly needing to be replaced (please no).
The flu.


Hollabee said...

I might need to borrow your immune system ;) have been fighting a cold too.

Congratulations on the frankie write up! fantastic!

Emma said...

Yes, congrats on the frankie article!