Today's just been one of those humming along, everything's fabulous days. I went on a special mission to Hunter Gatherer on Brunswick Street today to organise some things so I can start stocking some Pocket Carnival cuteness there, hooray! And then I had brunch with Chris (the boyfriend) at Soulfood Cafe on Smith Street - I had a tempeh burger with fries which was just fabulous as I hadn't had any breakfast and it was getting toward 12:00.

When I arrived home (after running for the train and making it, yippee!) the only mail waiting for me was my copy of Peppermint and a flier for a new exhibit at an art gallery near my house. So much more satisfying than yesterdays mail which was a bill and a letter from the real estate agents saying we are having a house inspection tomorrow.

For the last little while I have been out in the sun doing some gardening, and am so pleased that it's warm and sunny.

Newly available in my etsy shop - two more patchwork pouches. Hooray for fabulous days! Now to work with some sewing for Hunter Gatherer.

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Vegan and Vintage said...

I got my copy of peppermint a few weeks ago, so so good!