tulips and the giraffe

I have a huge pile of this tulip/flowerbud fabric that my mum found at the back of a cupboard when she was cleaning... sometimes I think it's too floral but I like it this way. I think this is my favourite thing I've made with it.

This giraffe is available at my Dawanda shop. Have just been humming along with some wholesale stuff today, it's good to be busy! Am about to embark on a lasagne making adventure, yum.


Anna Laura said...

I am slo making lasag, but my sauce doesn't taste as good as normal. I followed Marcella Hazan's recipe exact as well! Not sure if it is the mince or the canned tomatos. Hopefully when it is all made up it will be okay, I've got people to impress!

bunzi said...

so cute i love your stuff! i received it. will blog about it soon. ;)