creativity needed

My mum & I went fabric shopping a weekend or two ago and found this piece of lovely fabric (in the same remnant pile as the trees fabric from the last post).

My mum has a fabric stash large enough to make about 100 quilts so I said I'd take it and make her something with it... still pondering what though! It's about 25cm / 10 inches across... I think a cushion is jumping to mind right now. Maybe I will keep thinking.

In other news there is currently thunder loud enough that it set a car alarm off in the next street! You know when it does a huge BOOM and you can feel it shaking the windows. Yeah. I'm pleased that at least it's warm enough that during a storm that I can leave the window open and not be cold. Hopefully someone turns the car alarm off soon though...

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mushroommeadows said...

wow, that must be really loud thunder! i live near disneyland, and the fireworks cause the car alarms to go off almost every night.