Just some sketches of a couple of little ladies.

I sketch quite lightly so it's difficult to scan/photograph.

Inky & the Blue Jellyfish

I went to see Inky a couple of nights ago - it's a new play on at Theatreworks in St Kilda. It's an amazing play - I haven't seen any plays at all recently that have left such a lasting impression but have been so uplifting at the same time.
In a nutshell it's set in the 80s in the USA with a completely stereotypical 80s powercouple (who were cast and acted beautifully) who hire a Muhammad Ali obsessed nanny to take care of their kids. It sound a little kooky, but I loved it. See it!!

Little mini coinpurse update - stupidly I waited until the sun had stopped shining and it was cloudy again to take photos so I can't add many.

Hansel & Gretel-esque Day in the Country coinpurse available at Dawanda.

Blue Jellyfish coinpurse available at Madeit (in $AUD - it's nice to sell in AUD finally!)

Pigs can Fly patchwork coinpurse at Dawanda.

It's nice to have my own MadeIt store at last, don't know why it took so long! Cheers to its success.

Inner City Snails

Found this via the My Folk Lover blog....

Inner City Snail - all the snail art you could ever want. Genius!!
Hoping to do a little big update of my shops this weekend as I've only been adding things sporadically lately. Also some art soon?


Another grumpy rabbit.
This fabric reminds me of a science project - how does a tadpole turn into a frog? This coinpurse will show you.

Had a nice weekend apart from the 13 degrees weather, ugh. Will be watching Flight of the Conchords episode 2 tonight, excellent. I bought a Napoleon Dynamite DVD in Safeway yesterday - what good taste they have.

the fire drill

This weekend I:
  • Had sore legs after a fire drill at work... 20 flights of stairs were walked down. Just glad I'm a flat shoes wearer.
  • Went for dinner with some buddies at The Lounge in Melbs, then for drinks at Edinburgh Castle afterwards.
  • Got the phone line fixed, finally (it's been all buzzy since that big storm in Melbourne). The internet now works twice as fast too. Ripper! (The Telstra guy did come at 9am on Saturday morning without notice which was not so ripper, but it's all good).
  • Used a timtam as a straw to drink to some tea.
  • Watched Superbad (I thought it was a bit funny).
  • Cut out about 1million (feels like) felt animals to sew onto coinpurses.

Smug Kitten coinpurse at Dawanda.


The rabbit's grumpy because he's lost his carrots. I think if this rabbit had a name, it would be Bob. Available at Dawanda.

I'm grumpy because I've been cleaning all day. I know I'll be happy tomorrow though, so it's okay.

shopping at incub8r

As you may've gained from the title of this post - I've been shopping at incub8r gallery on Smith Street in Melbs. I had a gift voucher (given to me by my boyfriend aaages ago) and I finally spent it - it was a lot of fun as there are so many gorgeous things there.

I saw these cute little creatures in the window by Ruby Seastar - I don't know why but I really like them! So I bought this little monkey. The stitching's a bit wonky (which I didn't realise until just now) so I wouldn't recommend to buy for a bub, but I won't be chewing on it so it's okay.

I then found these earrings also in the front.

(Yes that's me - the picture looks a little gloomy as it's such a gloomy, rainy day). The earrings are gorgeous - sterling silver with three loops (one big, 2 very small). I love them, I have a thing for round earrings. Unfortunately I can't remember who made them and they don't have a tag... oh well.