the fire drill

This weekend I:
  • Had sore legs after a fire drill at work... 20 flights of stairs were walked down. Just glad I'm a flat shoes wearer.
  • Went for dinner with some buddies at The Lounge in Melbs, then for drinks at Edinburgh Castle afterwards.
  • Got the phone line fixed, finally (it's been all buzzy since that big storm in Melbourne). The internet now works twice as fast too. Ripper! (The Telstra guy did come at 9am on Saturday morning without notice which was not so ripper, but it's all good).
  • Used a timtam as a straw to drink to some tea.
  • Watched Superbad (I thought it was a bit funny).
  • Cut out about 1million (feels like) felt animals to sew onto coinpurses.

Smug Kitten coinpurse at Dawanda.

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