shopping at incub8r

As you may've gained from the title of this post - I've been shopping at incub8r gallery on Smith Street in Melbs. I had a gift voucher (given to me by my boyfriend aaages ago) and I finally spent it - it was a lot of fun as there are so many gorgeous things there.

I saw these cute little creatures in the window by Ruby Seastar - I don't know why but I really like them! So I bought this little monkey. The stitching's a bit wonky (which I didn't realise until just now) so I wouldn't recommend to buy for a bub, but I won't be chewing on it so it's okay.

I then found these earrings also in the front.

(Yes that's me - the picture looks a little gloomy as it's such a gloomy, rainy day). The earrings are gorgeous - sterling silver with three loops (one big, 2 very small). I love them, I have a thing for round earrings. Unfortunately I can't remember who made them and they don't have a tag... oh well.

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