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xx Penny

The latest news from Pocket Carnival, plus a survey, a sale, and a market!

Hello there!

Thanks for reading Pocket Carnival's Winter newsletter!
I know, it's cold, and rainy (it is in Melbourne, at least!) But, hopefully a little Pocket Carnival cheer can make you feel warm & fuzzy inside! I'm trying out a new tagline for our greeting card range - happy cards for happy people. Getting an unexpected hug or a kiss, a surprise hot chocolate from a friend or a beautiful card in the mail can just make my day, and it's such an easy thing to do for someone, don't you think? That's why I think happy greeting cards are so important! So you've got somewhere to write lovely messages!

New Cards!

Hello, babies! I've been going a little bit baby crazy lately - a few friends have had tiny additions to their families, and a few more are expecting (you know who you all are!!!!) and I think the best reason to design a new card is when I just really really need one to give somebody! Our new baby card range is sweet & cute, plus, there are hot air balloons!!! I hope you love these cards as much as we do! Take a look in our online store.
xx Penny
Kid's Birthday Cards! I still have birthday cards from when I was a little tot, and I remember which birthday they're from simply by looking at the number on the front! Love number cards. Watch out for mice with balloons!

The Survey

Share your thoughts! I've put together a little survey to ask for your opinions on a few things, and if you complete it you can win a wonderful prize! Click here to help out by filling in the short & sweet survey! As a thank you five (randomly selected) people who complete the survey will win a greeting card pack.

The Sale

Huzzah! I'd love to offer every one of you 30% off storewide in the Pocket Carnival online store and Etsy store - just use the code winter30! This is valid until the end of June (a miniature stocktake sale, if you will). A lot of our fabric products are only available in very limited numbers, so hop like a bunny!


Made by Us Night Market: The Royal Children's Hospital Foundation has created a pretty special twighlight market! It's on 30th June at the Malvern Town Hall, and will be a mix of local design plus handcrafts. I'll be sharing a stall with Rabbit and the Duck - check out the market's Facebook invite too!
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