hello, bunny

Just a new little doodle. This is going on the back of all my new greeting cards.

New beginnings! I've been doing SO MUCH thinking about Pocket Carnival and how it might look in a few months - lots of new, fabulous energy is now circulating.

See you at MARKIT this Sunday!!!

Sandra Eterovic studio visit

I absolutely love Sandra Eterovic's artwork, so I was thrilled to see this studio visit on the Craft Victoria blog - go check it out! You won't regret it!

all new pocket carnival cushions!!! (by pocket mum!)

Aren't these the most adorable cushions ever? And I can brag about them because my mum (Pocket Mum?) made them! She's a great quilter, and SUCH a neater sewer than I am, and she's so supportive of Pocket Carnival (she possibly owns more Pocket Carnival fabric than me!)

She's made a few cushions now, and I'm so happy that she's making a few that will be available for the first time for sale at Markit at Fed Square this Sunday (29th May!) We are planning a few more that will be available online sometime very soon (and if you'd like one please also feel free to email me: penny@pocketcarnival.com.au )

This side is meant to be the front, but I personally love the little bow ties Pocket Mum has used instead of a zip, so to me they will always be the front!

They'll be around $70 each (which I think is a steal!) and there are more colours available so bring along your pennies to Markit on Sunday!

Do you like them? If you do, leave a comment, my mum reads my blog (hi Mum!) and she will be so chuffed!


the wallpaper of the royal tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums is one of my favourite movies - I watched it again a few days ago and was struck by how lovely their home is, in a dilapidated & broken-down way. It reminds me of the home in Nanny McPhee - bright & colourful, but with a sad story hanging over. Like an old doll-house.

I particularly love the furnishing & wallpaper of the house. This is just a simple damask, but it gives such an air of opulence - martinis plus an Indian man as a servant give it, for better or worse, a wealthy colonial India feel.

In case you haven't seen The Royal Tenenbaums I have just included some images from the first 5 minutes or so - but if you haven't seen it, what are you waiting for?

I particularly love this image - it's just so indulgent! Why be outside when you can be inside, with jungle wallpaper, surrounded by people making you pretty?

This beautiful zebra wallpaper is by Scalamandre - to me it's so sophisticated for a kids room, but I love the bold red, and I wish I could have this somewhere in my house!

You can see more photos of this wallpaper on Duchess Fare!

This isn't actually wallpaper, but hundreds of tiny little paintings. I love this! It's like having a storybook drawn all over your walls.

Go watch it!

the dreamer - pennywishes

The Dreamer - girl version - 8x10 by pennywishes

The past few weeks has been difficult, just full of the ever-present struggle between creativity & money. I love Pocket Carnival, but reconciling the business & creative aspects are HARD! This post from Rosie at Notions rang true a lot for me... times are tough. But dreaming always helps :)


Markit at Fed Square: 29th May!

Hello! If you're in Melbourne on the 29th May you should absolutely come to Markit! So many of my favourite artists & labels are going to be there, I'm so excited. Take a look at all the stall holders here - love!

In my internet-break (caused, yet again, by a rubbish-truck colliding with a phone line) I've been busy working on a new stall setup, new card designs and some new purses. I can't wait for Markit! See you there?

the talking animal cards

Hello! Hope you're all well, and not-too-chilly! I realised I'd forgotten to introduce the new Pocket Carnival card series - talking animals!

To be honest, when I started designing cards I never wanted them to be occassion-specific, because I think it's handy to have a stash of anytime cards. Which is true, but I also really increasingly like giving people cards that SAY SOMETHING!

There are currently 5 cards in the range, however just this morning I've been finishing some new illustrations, so watch out!

My favourite is the Piggie (pictured top), but the cards all were inspired by this cat, which is a part of my kittens coinpurse and pencilcase fabric.

Huzzah for new cards!

Also Huzzah for something completely different I'm working on... it's a work in progress, but feel free to take a look.

chihuaha lady

Hot Dog by StreetShooter45 on Flickr.

Looking up chihuaha photos on Flickr and Google Images is one of my absolute favourite things to do to cheer myself up.

This is today's favourite. Poor dog.

xx Penny

Onegirl Designwrks

Aside from having two of the most adorable little girls ever (seriously, check her blog), Leslie runs Onegirl Designwrks - she's the designer & maker of some of the most adorable kids things ever.

I met Leslie at a market we both had stalls at a few years back - she's so super lovely, it's always so satisfying when people are as lovely in person as their creations are. And how cute are those little Oobees! And no detachable parts - hooray for baby toys!

Onegirl has a brand new online store, with lots of patterns, Oobee toys and a few quilts - go take a peek!

All images from Onegirl Designwrks