Markit at Fed Square: 29th May!

Hello! If you're in Melbourne on the 29th May you should absolutely come to Markit! So many of my favourite artists & labels are going to be there, I'm so excited. Take a look at all the stall holders here - love!

In my internet-break (caused, yet again, by a rubbish-truck colliding with a phone line) I've been busy working on a new stall setup, new card designs and some new purses. I can't wait for Markit! See you there?


yasmeen said...

i will totally be there! sent the website to my friends around town.

can't wait :)

Margit said...

Looks great - The poster is so nice and almost spells my name



Creative Tail

Madeleine said...

So excited to come visit you at Markit! I'm trying to get there without the children...we'll see.
Also love all your new things penny, the kite purse, cards etc.
Good work lady xx