little lulu + rainy days

Things have been a wee bit quiet at Pocket Carnival HQ since Design Made Trade, but I have been busy! One thing I did was a new window display at Little Lulu! Sal, the wonderful owner of Lulu & Little Lulu, and I came up with this window display idea after seeing this picture from Mac Pelican (which is now closed for biz! Aww, Mac Pelican!) Then it was action stations, snipping out the rain drops, threading them to rain clouds and hanging them! I'm super pleased with how it looks, this is the nighttime view!!

Of course for a shop window there are certain requirements, so the window had to:
Be bright & fun,
Contain lots of weather appropriate items from the shop (it's gumboot season!!)
Be eye catching from the street,
Make all the staff happy!

It's really quite nice to be working next to a window full of brightness! Hooray! And it's lovely to hear great feedback from people who love the display.

Sal chose the outfit the little girl mannequin is wearing, which is absolutely adorable!!

You can read a wee bit more about the products in the window on the Lulu blog! Take a peek!

Curses to shiny glass and its difficultness to photograph. If you're in the neighbourhood, come visit Little Lulu yourself - I'm there (most) Thursdays and Sundays!

Little Lulu's at 324 Carlisle St, Balaclava (just a few shops from Batch which is my fave soy chai source in Melbs, and also next door to big Lulu where you can find all kinds of awesome clothes, shoes and cool stuff for yourself!)


Bianca said...

oh cuuuuute! You do such a great job with those window displays Penny!

Jo - Little Melbourne said...

We love Little Lulu and the window displays are always so cute and inviting. Want to decorate my little ones room?

Leni and Rose said...

adorable, LOVE it!! And my neck of the woods, shall pop in for a real look see!!

planettreasures said...

I love it - so cute : )

Lakshmi said...

Love the display , Penny ! So inviting !

Madeleine said...

Yay Penny! You've done such a gorgeous job! So happy and quintessential Pocket Carnival. LOVE!
Making those clouds for the windows of Mac Pelican were so much fun. I miss doing the displays...:(
Anyway, I'll be in touch soon for a coffee xx

Anh said...

colorful pretty articles. so my thing :D
visit me too?
xx.Anh from tha.Darlinh