The Harlequin Collection: Harlequin

I think this fabric is probably my favourite thing I've designed, and it was the clear winner at Design Made Trade too. I love my Harlequin Zip Purse!

Harlequin / argyle / diamond print is such a class pattern, and depending on the application means so many different things to different people. Diamond print sweaters are the domain of the conservatively dressed golfing set, whereas a Harlequin is a comic servant traditionally from the Commedia Dell'arte.

My harlequin has the aim of being bright & bold, and beautiful enough to fall in love with.

Harlequin cards! Chris helped me a bit, they're beautiful and yet suitable for most occasions. Chris gives them the dude-thumbs-up!

The cloud cushion has a front and a back - the back is the harlequin print in a more muted, pastel colourway. I have one on my couch. Love.

All images/designs/stuff copyright Pocket Carnival 2011 - thanks!!


Maxabella said...

I totally agree - what a fantastic pattern. How could you go wrong? x

Vintage Sew and So said...

Love Harlequin print & your interpretation is brilliant.

Vickie said...

your harlequin fabric is gorgeous, love the colours

Madeleine said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE the new range!!! You done good Penny xxx