dear kids

Storage shelves by Dear Kids.

I seem to have fallen out of the habit of blogging, which is mostly due to a large amount of purses I'm currently sewing, which rather has me chained to the sewing machine all day! So much sewing! It's hard rubbish time of year again though, so I'm hoping to find something pretty on the side of the road to paint in lovely colours. How awesome are these storage shelves by Italian company Dear Kids? Very awesome. Found via Pinterest.

Also, I asked a little question on Facebook, I'd love your input - I'm doing a pink version of one of my purse designs as a special fundraise-y edition, and I'd love your input into which one. I'm thinking Harlequin, what about you?


Vickie said...

I think harlequin would look gorgeous in pinks....or moroccan star would look good too I think

Anonymous said...

pink clouds, pinks clouds! :D