super cute: owl gift tags!

Oh look, it's even more owls! Owls seem to be a permanent fixture on the hot-list, so why not enjoy them? Exactly.

I love these gift tags - I have a ton of birthday gifts to give every December, so these are proving to be a super creation already.

There's 8 tags in each pack, and they're available:
In the Pocket Carnival shop, in $AU
In the Pocket Carnival Etsy store, in $US


Vickie said...

so cute :)

Mary said...

Very adorable! I love owls.

linda said...

Cool owls! I love your illustrations... super cute. Those owls look a bit psychedelic too :) Happy holidays and will be following your blog!

flossy-p said...

I SO enjoyed meeting you this year Penny! Hope you have a super Merry Christmas!! .xx.