happy christmas!

Happy Christmas! Hooray! Our internet hasn't been working for the past week-ish (but was fixed yesterday) so it was a lovely enfored break! I wrapped lots of gifts and stacked them in a pine-tree shape.

Sent lots of Christmas cards (I did them in batches to make it easier!)

And made a table full of vegan gingerbread (recipe is here!)

Now, the once fully stocked shelves of Pocket Carnival are rather bare, and it's time for a holiday I think!

Hope you all have a lovely day, whatever you may be doing.

xx Penny


Selina said...

Beautiful pics! Merry Christmas.

Posie Patchwork said...

Merry Christmas indeedy!! Batches work great guns, good thinking Pen, love Posie

helena / little mo said...

Cookie table! Hehehe, hope your christmas was a fun one! Thinking of you!

thea said...

I very happily & greedily own one of your cloud pencil cases. It just speaks my language!! Thanks for the fabulousness :)