the OWLS are here!

I know there are many many owl lovers out there - my affection for owls is growing every day. So, I thought a fun new set of cards might be in order!

So far there are 7 cards, although I'm considering doing the 'I Love You' Owls without the text as well, so people can frame it?

Whilst I hope that I don't know anyone who needs one of these cards anytime soon, and same for all of you, it's still a nice card.

The cards all all available for sale now in the Pocket Carnival store, and on Etsy! Hooray!

And. How delicious is this. Vegan Chocolate Brownies, from Dre on a Tray, at the North Melbourne Market. These brownies were so very extremely pretty AND delicious, and almost made up for the super slow market day!

P.S. - did you see the Able & Game new tea-towels yet?
P.P.S. - check out this market that one of our fave stockists, Nook, is doing in Woolloongabba!
P.P.P.S. - our latest newsletter is out!


lauren carney said...

Penny! I totally just bought a beautiful little pencil case from nook made by yours truly...

I fricking love it! It will hold the tools most precious to me, and prevent me from rummaging around the empty depths of my bag in search for a solitary pen or pencil.


my best friend jules said...

Owls, deer and sparrows. Just in love with them! Thanks for sharing these fun cards!

Xo Mervi

Carolina said...

So cute! Love the little owl on the Get Well Soon card, poor little one.