odd one out!

This year I decided I would have finished designing all my new products for the year by October... that didn't actually happen of course. I did design heaps of stuff in October, but I just keep having new ideas!

I have some other new things to share too, but my printer ran out of yellow ink. Hopefully Monday my new yellow ink will arrive! For now, this is my newest (and maybe cutest) Christmas card. (And that is how I take photos of my cards - high tech, huh?)

You can buy the new deer cards:
In the Pocket Carnival store
Or, on Etsy


lauren carney said...

lady you are amazing!
and by the look of things you are all go-go during this festive season! so happy! for you x x

Anonymous said...

Penny you're photo-taking set up looks better than mine... unfortunately mine involves a piece of fabric, strategically placed chairs, a large piece of board and a half my kitchen table.
Your christmas stuff is just too cute this year... love!

bitofeye said...

I just come across your blog and I really like your drawing, look really cute and adorable ><

I follow you :)

.girl ferment. said...

hey whatever works!
v. cute.