new on etsy!

Hello lovelies! There is so much happening on Etsy at the moment, almost every day there is a new feature, and I just wanted to share the features that took me by surprise!

The Burger Tee - Pre Order by matthewroland

Activity Feed!

Take a peek with your peepers here:
You'll see activities! Sales, likes, etc!

It's a great way to keep track of recent activity in your shop (but if you have a high amount of traffic it's a bit confusing!)

paper garland . scalloped triangles . decoration by gretchenmist

Local Items!

When you enter a search term on Etsy, there's now a neat little 'Local Items' button - if you click this, your search will show you items only in your geographical region, based on your IP Address (like Melbourne, Australia).

Sellers: make sure you're being listed!

A sellers location in the Local Items search is based on the location of the red pin on the google map in their public profile.
Click here to visit your public profile, and if there's no little red pin, add one!

View more about this search change in this forum thread on Etsy.

A3 Print - Patisserie by PeaPress1

Shop Currency!
You can now list items on Etsy in a bunch of different currencies - to change your currency, go to Your Etsy -> Shop Settings -> Shipping & Payment -> Currency.

We've decided to keep our prices on Etsy in $US, as you can buy in $AU in our big Pocket Carnival megastore (well, I wish it was a megastore!)

Hope this helps for your holiday sales! Please do the google map thing for Local Items!


gretchenmist said...

thanks Penny for this sum up ~ love the new features. can see myself being even more stuck on the computer now!

thanks for the feature too :)

Carolina said...

Thanks! It's still a bit confusing, but I guess I'll get it soon enough:)