make make make!

I was reading Irene's blog, and was super-inspired by her drawing a day challenge! Good one! I considered doing a drawing every day too, but maybe it'll wait until Jan. I did decide to illustrate some new cards - these are special occasion cards! Often people ask for these at markets (especially birthday ones), so I decided it's time.

New art prints! So many waiting to be packaged. I have a stall at North Melbourne Market on Sunday which is always an unpredictable market - I can't decide what stock we should take. Probably cards, fabric, and some sale stock.

And finally, to keep me going through all the crafty making, I've been making gyoza. So good. So easy.

I cook it with soy beans and broad beans. Mmm edamame.

For more creativity, pop over to kootoyoo!


Irene aka Minzy said...

cheeky. did not expect to see my link was here. lol
your blog has always been filled with food. so v tempting!!

Have fun this Sunday, Penny!

spectacularfairywren said...

yum edamame

Chantal said...

That owl with the champers is so cute. The gyoza looks soooo good. Haven't had it for ages.

Vickie said...

love the owl :)

Vickie said...
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lauren carney said...

penny, your life is amazing! I am extremely awestruck of all your adventures and creations whether it be cooking related or art/craft wise. <3