so delicious: bluecorn, st kilda

Hello! Things have been feeling a wee bit quieter around here which is so nice - I love this time of year, the Christmas craziness has calmed down, and it's been fun enjoying the sunshine, going for lots and lots of coffees (or, in my case, usually a soy chai), hanging out with friends and family and having fun. At the moment we're busy planning lots of fun new products to be launched in Jan, Feb & March, yay!

These photos are pre-Christmas - from the Pocket Carnival Christmas Party, to be exact. I always feel a bit nostalgic for work Christmas parties, so even if it is just Chris and I in attendance I like to have a party! This year we went to Bluecorn in St Kilda - it's modern Mexican food. Yum. And, their margaritas are delicious! And huge. The one above is mango margarita, it's my fave.

We had margaritas & corn burritos with delicious fillings. I usually get my food without cheese because it can all end up very cheesey otherwise! Mmm.

Usually they only have one dessert option - when we went it was churros with strawberry something, chocolate mousse and chocolate & coconut sauce. I love churros. So good.

Mojitos! So lovely.

If you're around the hood, check out Bluecorn! Yummm.

205 Barkly St
St Kilda, 3182


Posie Patchwork said...

Looks yummy, not to mention colourful & amazing. Love Posie

Anonymous said...

I love Bluecorn! Yum! If you like that... you should go to Mamacitas, on Collins St in the city! Ohmygosh. Deliciousness.

(Emma NeverEver posting from my new blog!)

thea said...