rain time!

Why is it raining so much? Don't the clouds know it's Spring? And that I'm cold?

New new new Pocket Carnival pencilcase - Rain Clouds in Chevron! I didn't realise these cute little zig-zags were named after a multinational oil corporation. Shame. Maybe they named Chevron after the zig-zag?

Anyway, enough philosophising! There's also a coinpurse! Lovely!

And of course, they're made of Pocket Carnival organic cotton, and lined with recycled cotton (this one's a pretty leafy print from the Salvos!)


madeleine said...

Penny, you are such a good blogger...so many wonderful things to read about over here (haven't had much time to catch up on my fave blogs until now). You clever lady you! I'm off to buy one of these purses RIGHT now....x

lauren carney said...

dude, so eternally glad that you blogged that link to the sticky tape! its fricking awesome x