brr!!! it's cold out here!

Winter Sea Otter by Dawn Tan

I'm glad it's not snowing! Poor little Otter! He needs a big hug and a mug of hot cocoa! But how cute is Dawn's illustration? Answer - very. Plus, Dawn has a stall at North Melbourne Market next weekend with me! Yay!

Paris Umbrella Sticky Tape by Belle and Boo

I know Belle and Boo is from London, but these illustrations always remind me of France. Cute bunny!

Cloud Mobile - Grey by Made by Mosey

I've loved Made by Mosey for ages, and it was such a pleasure to meet Madeleine at Finders Keepers. And look! So lovely! Made by Mosey's product photos are the kind of photos I wish my photos could be :)

Rainy Cloud Glass Brooch by Little Mo & Friends

Little Mo now has jewellery! So lovely! I think the carrot brooch might be my favourite, but that doesn't have anything to do with rain, apart from the fact that rain makes carrots grow.

Come on, sunshine!


helicopter6 said...

A lovely cold inspired post. Good ol' Meolbourne.

Maxabella said...

Chilly! That little Otter is divine (as is all the other selections). I just think there are far too many lovely things in the world. It's just too hard to bear. xx

helena / little mo said...

you just want the carrot to munch sneaky rabbit!

cabin + cub said...

Oh they are all so cute! It rains a lot here in Vancouver... so any of these wold brighten my day. ;)

thea said...

that little otter is so cute!