almost here...

I didn't really intend to have a tree this year, but then last night I was making some more gift tags, and some more little stars, and it got me in the Christmas mood (about time!) So, Chris and I wandered into our back yard with some scissors and picked the best branch overhanging from our lovely neighbours pine-y tree, and voila!

We couldn't find anything lightweight enough to sit on top, so Chris made a paper star and stuck it to the wall. Nice.

Little decorations - when I make my gift tags I am very careful and position them so as to have the least wastage of paper - even though it's 100% post consumer recycled we still have to be careful with our resources! So, for every 14 tags I make there are some tiny paper scraps, plus enough stripey / spotty paper left over for 4 stars. Pretty! I think they look like shooting stars. A very little bit perhaps.

And some gifts underneath the tree - mostly handmade, lots from Etsy & Madeit, all good choices I think!

Of course, you can get your own pretty tags
On Etsy, or
On Madeit.

Hooray for Holidays!


NeverEverEmma said...

How lovely Penny! I love your tree! And I am also a huge fan of brown paper wrapping and cute tags. Nice!

helena / little mo said...

i haven't put up a tree yet! oh man...ok maybe i will look around my neighbour's garden too and chop up his prized tree. hehe xx