mailbox love

I love ordering nice things online.

I love even more opening those nice things and finding little extra sweetness in the package.

This funny looking little thing is actually a tampon cozy. I'm the type of person that just chucks tampons (and all kinds of things) down the bottom of my bag. Then whenever I clean my bag I realise in dismay I've wasted several tampons as they've kinda unravelled. Well - not anymore. I'm gonna put this in my purse I think. Hooray!

The cozy is from Radical Rags, and was sent to me by Rayna with a gorgeous typed (on a typewriter!) note, explaining that her grandma taught her to knit, that the wool is from an awesome op shop that I should visit, and just generally other great things.

I also got a copy of Hoopla. I'm going to wait until Thursday to read it, with my Beatrix Potter book.

Today was my first teaching day, and it went okay! More soon.


lyptis said...

He he, ure such a little girl! Cute!:)

Its always good to get little awesome packages in the mail!

Owl and Fox said...

hehe! Oh that made me laugh...tampon cozy...haha :)

helena said...

seriously there is such things around???? I thought it was a finger cozy at first glance!!

glad teaching day went well for you! xxx I'm sure you're a great teacher!

Leah said...

cute! I love packages in the mail too!