Everything's better with a Prize Winning Paper Plane

Today I am excited/tired.

Tired: just finished 3 days teaching sewing classes to Year 6, 7 & 8 girls. How do teachers do it? I am exhausted and it was only 3 days.
Excited: Etsy has set up a Fall Fashion Poll - you can vote for your favourite Fall Fashion. They've included one of my clutches. Voting here!

The clutch is my very newest one, it reads 'everything is better with a paper plane'. It's available on Etsy right now!


Veronica Darling... said...

ACE! I'll go and vote now for you! But it's fall as in 'autumn' right? Confused as I don't really say 'fall' and it's springtime in the Northern parts ... CONFUSED!

lyptis said...

Hey Pen!

The competition is superfierce!:)

But im sure we will both make it!

Chrisy said...

Have voted!