My Dawanda store...

My new Dawanda store is now up and running: Dawanda is fun as it encompasses many European sellers - you can list items in French, German or English. I decided to list my first few in French and German as well... I think my translations are atrocious, and am mainly hoping I didn't say anything rude.

Wild Giraffe & Elephant Clutch, &

Wobbly Jellyfish Coinpurse - both at Dawanda.


Went to see Juno last night... loved it! I don't want to say ANYTHING about it in case I spoil it, but it was fun and funny and great. It reminded me a little of that Napoleon Dynamite hipster-esque humour. Highly rated! See it, seriously.
In other news, I think I'm opening a store on Dawanda - trying to broaden my horizons in the European direction (or, check it out it has lots of cool handmade stuff for sale). I had a bit of a browse today, and there's a lot of gorgeous stuff on there - I think there is definitely room for some of my things though.

Also, thanks to mX, I found out about this site, Catz23 Catcam Fotos. A crazy German lady (or man) strapped a teeny tiny camera around her cats neck, which takes photos every 15 seconds. Genius. The photos go on her website. The descriptions are in German, but it's all good.

patchwork continued

A continuation of yesterdays post - this is one of the patchwork coinpurses made up. It's got some of Lara's fabric on the front (the trees print) and I quite like it. Available at etsy.

I think the patchwork coinpurses are cuter in person, as are all patchwork items. You know when you see a photo of a patchwork quilt and you know it looks better when you actually see it...

I've also added a couple of clutches at a very cheap price, they're an old style. Hopefully they sell!! Today I've been getting through a little mountain of things I cut out to sew during the really hot weather. Some are to take to various shops but some are for etsy. I also planted some silverbeet in the garden yesterday. And had tacos for dinner (vegan ones with tempeh).

I also watched 2 dvds - The Simpsons Movie, and Driving Lessons. The Simpsons Movie was as expected, lots of Simpsons fun, however Driving Lessons (with Ron from Harry Potter) was incredibly odd). Ah well.

little pieces

These are a stack of little patchwork pieces I've been making...

They're all ready to be made into coinpurse. I don't know where my brain's been these past few days, I think maybe it's the very hot weather but I've been so vague and lethargic that little projects like making miniature patchworks are right up my alley.

extra sweet

This little clutch is extra sweet I think - available on etsy.

I've been making more patchwork coinpurses and assorted clutches today, but it's almost too hot for sewing (my machine has a very hot light!). Maybe I'll work on fabric designs. Got some good ideas, am excited.


I think I'm going to start screenprinting some of my own fabric... have some nice designs in mind. That is all.

gorgeous earrings

These two pairs of earrings were lovely gifts from my boyfriend this Christmas...

Silver earrings from India Y La Luna... check her shop out, some gorgeous items, many of which are on my current hit list!

Brass & Silver earrings from Brooke Medlin's store, gemmfactrix. Lovely!

Went to Phillip Island for New Year's which was lovely - even though it was very hot the weather is definitely more manageable when you're at the beach with a few beers. Happy New Year!