patchwork continued

A continuation of yesterdays post - this is one of the patchwork coinpurses made up. It's got some of Lara's fabric on the front (the trees print) and I quite like it. Available at etsy.

I think the patchwork coinpurses are cuter in person, as are all patchwork items. You know when you see a photo of a patchwork quilt and you know it looks better when you actually see it...

I've also added a couple of clutches at a very cheap price, they're an old style. Hopefully they sell!! Today I've been getting through a little mountain of things I cut out to sew during the really hot weather. Some are to take to various shops but some are for etsy. I also planted some silverbeet in the garden yesterday. And had tacos for dinner (vegan ones with tempeh).

I also watched 2 dvds - The Simpsons Movie, and Driving Lessons. The Simpsons Movie was as expected, lots of Simpsons fun, however Driving Lessons (with Ron from Harry Potter) was incredibly odd). Ah well.

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